Our law office specializes mainly in litigation of white collar lawsuits.  We also take care of criminal law cases of the blue collar. 

Our office deals also with litigation of important civil lawsuits, commercial law and real-estate transactions.

We represent clients before the military court, Israel Prison Service, Israel Policemen Investigation Department in petitions filed at the Israel Supreme Court and the Court for Administrative Matters, as well as before the Ethics’ Commission of the Israel Bar Association.

Attorney Besserglick is the vice chairman of the Committee for Criminal Cases of the Tel-Aviv Bar Association, he also is a lecturer and tutor at the Ono Academic College.
Attorney Besserglick has a LL.M. in law studies, and a M.B.A in business administration.

He has a summa cum laude B.A. degree in law studies.

Mobile: 052-8488515  
Fax: 077-2080877  
E-Mail: eyalbess@gmail.com
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